We simply enjoy the outdoors.  Whether it is hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing or hiking we enjoy spending time outdoors together.  Although the majority of our experiences are in the flatwoods, we enjoy adventures anywhere we can find them.

It doesn’t have to be a two-week excursion, just a few moments alone in the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine.  We enjoy the spontaneous day trips where we escape from our work, deadlines and demands.  We just get out and relax.

Our quick adventures allow us time together away from it all.

We hike trails into remote areas and see amazing wildlife and natural wonders that most would overlook.  We canoe scenic rivers and let the stress of life disappear with each paddle stroke.  We sit in a tree stand and soak up our peaceful surroundings, all the time waiting for the test of man vs. animal.

We enjoy spending hours on the water watching and listening to the waves crashing against the boat.  Cast after cast the stress is relieved.  It is not about how many fish we catch (if any), it is about spending time together and enjoying the outdoors.



We want to encourage others to get outdoors, whether you make elaborate travel plans to do it or whether you just load up your gear, jump in the vehicle and just go.  Get outdoors.  Have fun.

Enjoy life’s simple things!