We grow up going to school, playing sports, then college and/or a job. Throughout life there are highs and lows. There is a lot to be grateful for and occasionally there are times that we wish we had a do over. We wish we had more information back then to have made a wiser choice. We wish we knew then what we know now. We wish we had planned better. Unfortunately in life we often feel like our windows of opportunity are gone and we get bummed. We beat ourselves up for not using that window of opportunity when we had it. We think we have failed some worldly standard of what we should have done.  We conform ourselves to what we see as the expexted next steps in life. We commit to the 9-5 and push ourselves to achieve certain steps in our careers. We climb the great ladder of success.

We eventually figure out that life is full of windows of opportunity. It is up to us to decide what windows we wish to open. What windows will allow fresh air into our individual lives? Which windows will give us a view that makes our jaw drop?  Which windows truly make us happy?

It’s our internal drives that have to alter our worldly standards in order to allow us to seek out the right windows, the windows that bring us joy.

Create windows, make time for enjoyment. Plan to watch the sunrises and the sunsets. Mark your calendars for new moons, full moons and take time to plan for the perseid. Observe nature with no expectations and truly capture it in raw. Every time you create a window of opportunity you open yourself up for more. You discover your window choices are so much better for you than the worlds’ windows. Eventually you won’t feel so guilty for not doing what the world expects of you.

Your happiness will thank you!

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