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I am a wife, mom, grandma and just a quirky old lady that isn’t scared to be silly.  I love my job and get to do a lot of diverse activities that make work fun.  I get to travel around the country due to my job.  I get to see places that lengthen my adventure list of where I am going back to and exploring with my hubby.  I enjoy the outdoors and get to promote it.  Typical, I am constrained though in what I can say or do to promote it through my job.

ONE of the main reasons I applied to be a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador was to be able to unleash my creativity while inspiring people to get out there and just have a blast!


So why am I still playing it reserved?  The realization that I have been playing it so safe made me laugh.  Here I have an open forum to be goofy and silly and yet I have bored myself.  Being serious all week is hard to turn off.  I need a vacation.  I need to escape to the woods and find my inner child again.  I want to go and have fun.


THIS IS ME!  This is the woman that looks forward to this Ambassadorship!  #teamHLAW!


I love my coffee!

I love my family!

I am quite a little OCD and those first two being out of order bugs me…LOL

I love to snort when I laugh!

I love to car-dance to LOUD music! ((BOOM))

I love to make others laugh!

I love to encourage others!

I love to jump in mud puddles with my grandsons!


Life has a way of expecting such maturity and seriousness to deal with so much that we forget to let go and just laugh at life and laugh at ourselves.

I look forward to teamHLAW – Colorado 2017.












One thought on “Chucks Old Hag

  1. I just read this and realized we’re kindred spirits in the personality department – I’ll see your snort and raise you a spittake! Can’t wait to meet you next summer!

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