Have you got all the right gear?

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Having the right gear for any outdoor adventure is important, but don’t let it stop you from going.  You probably have friends who would loan you gear until you decided on what you like, works best for you and are able to purchase it.  You also don’t have to have the top of the line gear to go and have fun. 


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We have hiked with youth, other adults and by ourselves.  Gear varies from person to person.  There have been a lot of interesting stories come from gear choices.  Personally, we have carried backpacks that were either too big, too small or just not a comfortable fit.  It can be aggravating on a long hike.  You can get left with irritated shoulders or hips. 

The question is, did the gear stop you from having a great experience?  No. 

It took a lot of convincing to get rid of the monster backpack that Mr. Scoutmaster was used to toting.  It held a lot of memories besides all the gear for him and everyone else just in case they forgot something.  The memories it held, full of fun and camaraderie.  He finally got over it and accepted a new, smaller pack that has just his essentials, mostly.  His memories from the old backpack, he still has; that is what makes going on adventures worth it.



Same thing applies to tents.  Do not stay at home because you do not have a tent.  Borrow one, sleep in someone else’s with them if they don’t mind.  We have so many tents it is ridiculous what we have accumulated over the years.  They range from lightweight and easy to set up to mansionous!  We have camped with people over the years that have had better tents and those that have had worse tents.  We all had fun camping though.  We encourage you to do the same.  In certain areas, sleeping out under the stars in just your sleeping bag is doable.  We haven’t done it, it is for those bolder than us. 


Another example is our purchase on ebay for a used Golden Eagle Sparrow Hawk compound bow.  It is far from the top of the line bows, but it served the purpose of seeing if I could even shoot a compound bow, without spending a lot of money.  Not only can I shoot it, but I am consistent and precise enough to hunt with it.  I have been offered a new, lighter weight bow with better let-off.  I choose to stick with my original purchase.  There are not enough bow hunting days in the season to warrant a new one in my book of reasoning.  I would rather use that money for a trip to nowhere with the retired Scoutmaster, his lighter backpack and tent.

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Finding the right gear, eventually, brings added comfort to your outings.  It is not necessary though in order to have a good time.  You don’t have to have the top of the line gear to make memories with friends and family – or even by yourself.


Be bold, be outrageous, just be out there!

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