How observant are you when you venture outside?  Do you notice the simple things?  We didn’t always notice or appreciate them.  There are still times when we are hiking that we are trying to get to a certain point at a certain time and we hike straight ahead and hardly notice what is around us.  We took time the other day though, to slow down, to stop and admire the beauty and simplicity of nature.

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The leaves are starting to change colors finally, the weather has cooled off some and being outdoors is pleasant this time of year (minus the chiggers that we will be digging at for awhile).

We decided to do this on the spur of the moment with our IPhone rather than planning it better and using our Nikon.  We walked about 3 miles in some nearby woods and was purposefully observant.

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The color contrasts bring the woods to life this time of year.  We enjoyed the pace of the day and look forward to our next adventure where we can allow nature’s simple’s things to be our focus.

Do you see the beauty in the simple things?




One thought on “SIMPLE THINGS

  1. I wish more people would stop and really take a good look at their surroundings ~ the smallest things can bring the greatest joy!


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