This is one of those reads that makes you realize that you need to create your own experience from a place…others perspectives may vary depending upon their situation, not yours.  Check out what a this blogger tells us about perspective.

Exploring Our Wilderness

This is a new series reflecting on the hiking inspiration from other with added perspective. It comes from a collection from various places I’ve been and people I’ve “met”.

“I actually fell so in love with Clouds Rest that I banned myself from researching it any further, so that I could have my own most pure and real experience of it.” [post] ~ Thuc Do, Creative & Adventuress

DISCOVERY: It’s a compelling idea of becoming so enamored of something that you want a clear frame of mind to develop your own perception. Sometimes we take another’s enthusiasm of a place (in their timeframe/season and with different hopes and dreams) and it build up our expectations to where our experience doesn’t stand a chance to wow us because we’ve already been recalibrated to unreasonably high hopes.

“I’m going to hike when I want, stop when I’m tired, nap when…

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