I have been an outdoors girl all my life.  My childhood was spent outside all day long playing and having fun.  As an adult, I continue to spend free time outdoors.  I like to hunt, hike, fish, camp and paddle.

When you spend time outdoors, especially in the woods like I do, you are going to encounter bugs, ticks and chiggers.  I have had more tick bites than I can count.  I can tell you how many times I have had a reaction to a tick bite…one time.


This past year during bow season, I was bit by a tick.  I removed it successfully the same day.  About a month later I noticed a red, welted rash around the bite site.  I hadn’t even noticed anything abnormal.   I was shaken.  I was out of town and I was sending my husband pictures of it and the more my adrenaline pumped from fear, the itchier it got.  The next day I was home and  I immediately went to my doctor and showed him.  He sent me for blood work and started me on a strong antibiotic.  The medicine made me sick for about an hour each time that I took it, twice a day for two weeks.  The blood work returned and I was positive for the early stage  detection for Lyme Disease.  That is the simplest way I can explain how the results work.  It is complicated, but I will keep it simple.  My doctor had me continue the medicine and advised to me return in a few months to retest, unless I had additional symptoms start.


Late November, early December I started having bad joint pain in my knuckles, knee joint pain and minor jaw joint pain.  I was tired and wiped out and crashed a couple nights in the recliner early.  Now, I also had enough stress and long hours that I wasn’t sure if it was just stress and possibly arthritis setting in because it had got colder too.  I wasn’t sure and I wasn’t wasting time finding out.  I returned to my doctor.  He ran the blood work again.

I was relieved to hear that the second test came back negative.

The initial round of medicine worked!  Thank goodness.  Please don’t waste time getting tested for Lyme Disease.  It is a serious disease that can cause a lot of health issues.  I am grateful that I noticed mine early, got tested early and my doctor started me on medication right away.

Now, I have to accept that I am getting old and cold weather bothers my old lady joints.  I can handle that over the alternative!

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