We decided to take a quick road trip over to Ichetucknee Springs State Park and get as much of the trails in as we could.  The parks are for the most part, the only areas with trails and no hunting during this time of the year.  As hunters ourselves, we try to stay off trails in hunting areas out of respect for the limited number of days for folks to hunt on public land.

Park trails are usually shorter than most public lands trails so we hiked 3 this morning to make a 3 mile hike.  We headed out on the Pine Ridge Loop Trail, then did the Trestle Point Loop Trail before heading over to the trail that took us to the head spring.  The two loop trails had posts marking unique features along the trails that corresponded with the brochure and trail map.

The Pine Ridge Loop Trail took us out amongst some amazing Longleaf Pines.  They had just recently done a prescribed burn in this area.  We would love to go back in the Spring to see how it flourishes.  We really enjoyed this trail the best, guess it reminds us of the forests…less people and more trees!

The Trestle Point Loop Trail had a few unique feature stops along it, including the old phosphate mining area.  It was short, but we had fun along the way!

The trail that leads over to the head spring included a nice long boardwalk.  Very pretty area and we soaked mother nature in!

There was plenty of people there.  We seen two different groups of kayakers go out and down the river.  We seen divers in the spring, on the trail and in the parking lot.  We seen several couples of all ages out walking to the head spring along with families.  What touched my heart the most was a couple that had the cutest mother/grandma with them.  She was an inspiration for what we all need to do – get outside and enjoy life no matter your limitations!

People are cool, don’t get us wrong…but personally we find nature much more intriguing and so here are some photos of what caught our eyes along the trails.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I might need to end this one right here.  Hope you enjoyed the trip with us and we would love see your comments on what part of it you enjoyed the most.


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