I originally wrote this post months ago and loved it.  Unfortunately in my blog design conversion, I lost all the text.  I do recall sharing my original mantra from my basketball years in high school, “If at first you don’t succeed, fake it.”  I would fake a pass, fake a dribble, and fake a shot.  I would even fake accidently stepping on someone’s foot to get around them.  By the third time in one game, the referee usually figured me out.  As an adult, that motto really doesn’t serve me well.

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audio books.


I am particular to the Hike Like A Woman Podcast, not just because I am an Ambassador for the program.  I truly enjoy the podcast, the women that are interviewed have such inspirational lives and lessons to life.  One part I really enjoy is where they share their favorite book and why.  One lady talked about “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein.  Like usual, I check it out on Amazon and see if it looks interesting to me and either get it for my Kindle or Audible app.


I have to admit, it did not appear to be the usual book that entices me.  I listened to the free audio sample.  Something about her voice immediately had me hooked and by the time I the sample finished playing I was purchasing the audiobook.

I had to get through the first chapter, because like I said, it was not my usual style of book, but it was incredible.  I loved it.  Learning so much about judgement, self-judgement, believing, positive thinking and faith has changed my outlook.  I needed that change, funny how books like this come along right when you really need them.

I have since recommended this book to a few friends.

Part of the Gabby’s recommendation in her book is also about meditating and having a mantra.  For me, this translates to praying and having a motto, but in her terms it is meditating and having a mantra.  There are a lot of mantras out there.  I think different ones may apply at different stages in life.

When I am working out, hiking or such I like to remind myself that “Today, I am fit, fast and fierce.”

My everyday life mantra though is “Enjoy Life’s Simple Things!”

Do you have a favorite book or mantra that reminds you what is important in life, how to focus your positive energy on doing good?  Share it with us!  We would love to hear it.


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