Driving into the area, we was once again eyeing the sand dunes and the natural beauty around us.  We have been here before to enjoy the beach.  This time though, we was here to enjoy a section of the Florida National Scenic Trail.  It is not just any section, it is the northern terminus.


For February, it was unseasonably warm.  We enjoyed the idea of getting back on the trails without needing a jacket.  We parked and hiked 2 miles along the trail.  There was beautiful flora in bloom already.  Wildlife was high in the trees as well as within the waters of the creeks.  The untamed environment surrounding the trail changed from sand dunes to coastal marshes to the quiet beach shoreline.

Recently we had heard a recommendation from a Hike Like A Woman Ambassador about soaking your feet in cold water during a hike.  When we reached the beach we took off our shoes and socks and we soaked our feet, it was hike over!  It felt so good.  The small amount of heat and friction that our feet had endured during this short hike felt major once they was covered by the cool gulf waters.  OH MY!  We can’t imagine what cold mountain creek water feels like after 10 miles of hiking.


Our plans changed at this point in the game.

We soaked our feet, walked along the beach and felt the sand between our toes.  It was like a spa treatment.  We ogled shells and just admired the scenery.  Whoever dreamed up the idea of having the beach at the end of a trail was a genius!

We can’t imagine how the thru hikers that start 1,300 miles away on the Florida National Scenic Trail feel when they reach this point.  We hope to find out one day…but this day it felt magical still.

There was a historical fort, lots of information and interpretive signs but all we could focus on was the beach and how good the sand and water felt to our feet.

Do you ever get distracted while hiking? 

What is it that has distracted you?



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