Hiking and other outdoor fun does increase the odds of encountering a snake. 

With all our miles underfoot, our most memorable snake encounters occurred while backpacking Torreya State Park. Thankfully, the park ranger had warned us and provided good advice on what to do. He also provided us his cell phone number. That was a huge sign, in retrospect. 

We never seen so many copperheads. We also seen a hognose in the center of the trail, upside down.  It was playing dead, but we knew better. 

At camp, as the sun set on our day, the copperheads seemed to come out and be everywhere. They literally slithered through our campsite. 

Knowing what type you may encounter, what may happen if bit by that type and being extra cautious is key. 

We recently read a great article that is full of great advice. We hope you find it as enlightening as us:

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