Sika is our puppy / adventure dog!  She has already been paddling down the river with us and today she shared the trail with us for her first hike.  We started her off with a short 3.2 miles and she rocked it!

She loves being out there and we can’t wait to take her again.  What a relief to know that we have a cool pup that loves the outdoors like we do!

Part of taking her out there though is knowing what we have exposed her to.  We came home and she received a quick bath with Dawn soap just in case any bugs or ticks had got on her.  We are strong believers in Dawn for ticks and bugs.  After about 20 minutes we noticed a small tick embedded right up over her eye, the area we don’t wash with the soap.  So, we grabbed a q-tip with a drop of peppermint oil on it and touched the tick with it, not that easily done since our puppy didn’t like us getting that close to her eye with something.  Seconds later though, the tick was crawling across her face and we captured it and disposed of it.  What a relief!

Do you have a pet that you enjoy adventuring with?  Tell us about your adventures as well as what type of bugs, critters or mishaps do you encounter?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share with all of us to keep our furry friends safe?

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