Most people imagine Florida as a beach paradise with palm trees, waves crashing, surf boards and perfectly tanned bodies.   That may be so along certain areas of the coast, but the majority of the inland areas, especially north Florida is rich in farm land, public forests and private forested lands.

Farmers, ranchers and cowboys are tough, hard laboring jobs that require a special breed of man to endure; these jobs still exist in this area.

This cowboy grew up outdoors.  He was always running around the neighborhood, playing sports in the big field with his older brother and the neighbors.  As a teenager he went to work for the farmer down the road, loading watermelons.  He went on to work for cattle farmer as well as a few other farms and ranches after that.  Funny thing about all the places that he worked and all the people that he met was that they became extended family.  He had a way of helping others without personal reason…he just helped.  He had a way of talking to people and making them feel better, which brings us to the lessons.

4 Things to Learn From a Cowboy:

  1.  You shouldn’t be cooped up inside all day, you should be outside working – free.
  2.  If you’re going to tell a story, make it so unbelievably funny that no one knows whether they are laughing or crying half way through the story and they are begging you to stop because their stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
  3. If you are going have a child, raise it to always saddle back up when it get’s thrown from a horse.
  4. Today is a gift and tomorrow isn’t promised.  That may sound a bit cliche’ if you never loved and lost.

05/24/71 – 11/06/16

Don’t be sad, learn from his lessons.  Get outside as much as you can, laugh so hard it hurts, enjoy your family and friends and encourage them.  As much as it hurts sometimes, get back up and ride!

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