What’s going price for an epic photo?

Have you ever been on an adventure and you know where there’s this view that you can get an epic photo that you have seen a dozen times and just love.  In the process of trying to get this perfect shot that you have planned out in your mind, you actually lose sight of the point of being out on your adventure.  You forget about the value of quality time outdoors with friends or family.

Guilty!   I’ve been there and I’ve done that!

I’ve also been so worried about if I look just right in the photo instead of do I look like I am happy and having a blast?  Our minds trick ourselves into thinking that every photo should look like what we see in a magazine.  We should be sharing our photos that show our excitement and what a true adventure looks like.   

Same thing applies to when you go to photograph your family, especially your kids. 

They are not always smiling. 

Show their real emotions.  Let the other moms out there know that their child is not the only one that gets mad and pouts when they can’t have more s’mores around the campfire. 

I am not photogenic at all!  I can smile for about 3 seconds, then it turns into a face that I am not even sure my Momma can love.


Teenagers, they are too cool for photos, we all know it…let them see just how cool they look.  Don’t think that every social media post has to be the perfect portrayal of a great adventure.  Every photo should be the authentic, real and raw photo of it.  Don’t be scared to show your “friends” the real you, the real family time and the real outdoor scenery. 

Don’t be scared of fat rolls, wrinkles or not your best smile.

Don’t be scared to let them see you sweat!

Don’t be scared to show them the real you!  Live life – don’t fake it!




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