Another hunting season is upon us.  We are grateful. 

We love connecting with nature and just enjoying the great outdoors.  There is something special about hunting in it.  When we sit down and truly ask ourselves why we hunt…it is simple.


Let’s face it, there are not many traditions left in this world to truly enjoy.  Hunting though is one we can.  Hunting has been around forever and our family still enjoys the time together in the outdoors.  Going out with 4 generations to enjoy the hunt is fulfilling, not to mention that teaching the next generation down about being an ethical hunter is crucial to the sport.


Yes, the basic animal instinct in even us humans is to enjoy the hunt.  Tracking the deer and their movement.  Placing yourself in the right position to have a shot but not be seen.  Waiting.  Waiting some more.  Patience and persistence is what the hunt really boils down to.  Knowing that when the time is right that you have your weapon sited in and your confidence is high.  Anticipation! There is a sense of accomplishment in a clean kill.  A thrill of victory.



Yes, it is the meat that we are after.  We are not going to turn down a nice racked buck, but honestly it is more important to remove the bad genes from the herd.  We enjoy venison mostly.  We don’t mind wild pork either, but venison is our main purpose for hunting.  The meat is lean and reduces our grocery bill considerably.  We have the meat made into smoked sausage, ground beef, stew beef and tenderloin tips.

These are the main reasons we enjoy hunting season and get excited each year about it.  The quality time we spend together extends past the actual hunts.  There is also the time we spend siting in our bows, muzzleloaders and rifles.  Having fun shooting competitions to see who can hit the bulls eye or who can group their shots the best.  We also spend our time together trying to improve the habitat for the whitetail.


Is hunting a tradition for your family?

What do you enjoy most about hunting?




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