Our goal was to be up and gone with the sunrise. We was not far off. We was excited to get on the road and see what today held. Exploring a new area of this amazing country always leaves us feeling thankful.  

Annie’s first stop for us today was Rocky Bluff Trail. It is located in the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.  The trail heads out of the trailhead down a decent sloped area to a staircase that takes you to the base of a waterfall. The waterfall was cool, but the trail was incredible. We hiked a short distance of it before returning back to the trailhead the way we came. The main intent was the waterfall today. The trail had a variety of wildflowers along it. The way it twisted and meandered had me mesmerized. It was described as a 2.2 mile moderately difficult loop trail though, so we took Annie’s advice and climbed back up the steps to the trailhead.

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We was off to Giant City Nature Trail in Giant City State Park.  It is a 1 mile moderately difficult trail. As much as we stopped to take photos and just stare in awe, I am not sure that we had time to observe the difficulties of the trail.  The bluffs, rock formations, and balancing rock was so different from what we typically see. We would recommend this trail to everyone. We was here on the weekend, it was busy. Kids were everywhere, in and around every rock. Go during the week if you can, unless you have kids…then take them on the weekend. The history along this trail also momentarily made me stop and just wonder. Got back in the truck from this hike thankful that Annie didn’t let us hike the 2.2 miles earlier.

Next up was a short but very cool hike along Devil’s Standtable Nature Trail.  It was also in Giant City State Park. It was only ⅓ mile moderately difficult trail. It had a high but just trickling waterfall on it as well as its namesake, Devil’s Standtable rock. The Red Bud in bloom in front of it made it prettier.  


Annie had a surprise for us. She knew we liked natural bridges.  Next up was Ponoma Natural Bridge. The trail was only .3 mile moderately difficult and well worth it because this natural bridge spanned 90 feet. Chuck and Sika, our adventure dog, made it across the natural bridge…twice.  I was too scared of heights to do it. It has about a 30 foot drop and narrowed to about 6 foot width. Our .3 mile trail was not a loop as intended. We went back the way we hiked in. So yes, Chuck hikes with a dog and a chicken. Annie thankfully enjoyed our sense of humor.

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Annie had one last stop for the day planned for us. Bald Knob Cross. Huge. Humbling to be there the day before Easter. We could see it from miles away on the mountainside.

Annie assured us we had to get a really early start the next day.  So our second day ended once again with deleting tons of duplicate photos and saving only the best.  We had so many photos. We was whooped and tomorrow’s promised to be the best yet. We couldn’t wait for Day 3 with Annie’s Adventures.


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