After having 3 amazing road trip days with Annie’s Adventures, we were ready for a slower paced day. We decided to stay in the park today.

We wanted to go back to Bork Falls and hike down to the lower level of it. Annie had showed it to us from the rim and we really want to see it at the base.

We read the trail description information from the brochure and headed out. We drove over the creek this time. Anime would be so proud of us. There was already another vehicle in the parking area, so we parked beside it and headed down the road for the easy half mile hike. There were cool bluffs along the road.


We came to the end of the road and what appeared to be a boundary line. We didn’t dare to go any further so we returned the way we came. Later we called the park and the gentleman told us we was on the right path. That we reached the gas line and we should have turned left. In a short distance we would reach a nature trail and it lead us along the creek and then shortly before the waterfall we would have to hike the creek to the waterfall. OH. Okay. The brochure said none of that. Easy half mile hike. We decided to try again tomorrow.

Later we headed out on the Big Oak Bluff Trail at the park. We went left towards the lake to start with. We had an option to go right to the pavilion. We walked down to the lake. Rather than retracing our steps, we followed the road down to the pavilion and picked the trail back up and hiked back to the center spot. We did hike a trail below the bluff first, before we discovered we had to go up higher to get to the Big Oak Trail. We just may be very spoiled in Florida with well marked trails. I am not sure how Annie does it.

We loved the views from the bluff though and decided we would come back out at sunset. It was well worth it. The sky changed colors every few seconds. It was amazing to witness.

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If you go to Ferne Clyffe State Park, you have to go out there at Sunset.

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