We slept in, moseyed around camp, ate breakfast and genuinely relaxed before heading out for another try at finding Bork Falls at ground level.

We made it back across the creek and to the parking lot. This time though, with no other vehicle there, we noticed a narrow trail off the left side of the parking area. Hmmm…I followed it to a muddy spot where it got steep but it obviously was used by the locals as a short cut.

We headed out the long way. Supposedly the easy half mile trail. We reached the end of the road, just like yesterday. Today though, we turned left. In just a short distance there indeed was a nice nature trail along the creek. It crossed over the creek a couple times. Nothing too hard to do.

Then we either took the trail up or we hiked the creek to the waterfall. We took the creek. We was excited. YES! It paid off to not give up. Coming back again was worth it! Let us just say this waterfall is best viewed at ground level. Breathtaking. We hung out for a long time. It was a weekday and we had it to ourselves.

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When we left, we took the what we suspected was the local shortcut. Indeed it was. It was a little steep in one spot but not bad. A lot shorter then the easy way.

We went back to the RV and chilled out. After lunch at the RV we headed out to the Lake Trail at the park. It was an easy 1 mile hike around the lake.

This vacation was the most relaxing we have had in a long time. We was starting to question if we would be able to go back to work the next week.

When was the last time you chillaxed like that?

2 thoughts on “NEVER GIVE UP

  1. Waterfalls, creeks, lakes – all my favorite things to explore on a hike. There has to be some water involved for it to be really great. You’ve got some great ones that I would love to visit. Thanks.

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