Risk Versus Reward

Rain was the weekend forecast when we had plans to hike. That’s why we carry rain jackets in our packs, right? If we never field test them, how do we know if they work?

The weather as we approached.

Luckily for us, we were able to shoot the gap so that field test will have to wait for another day.

This was our gap!

We snuck in 3 miles along the Florida National Scenic Trail at Etoniah Creek State Forest.

The trail was well maintained. The markers had recently been freshened up, which is always reassuring.

We started at the Holloway Trailhead and headed south. We will be back to start the trail from the northern trailhead off Tinsley Road and hike south from there to Holloway. Although we had a little over 60 feet of elevation decent/assent, the other section definitely appears to have more topography. It’s also more open for viewing. We will be back!

Tell us, would you rather risk hiking in the rain over sitting at home watching it rain?

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