SUV camping is something we have done for years out of necessity on hurricane or fire assignments. We recently decided to take it to a personal level.

Lake Thunderbird State Park Overflow Campsite in Oklahoma.

We have purchased a few different items to make it more comfortable. A friend of ours, Annie’s Adventures, mentioned trying out these SUV Tent window covers by Easy Go Products. We looked them up on Amazon and found them. We purchased them for around $35.00, they are now listed for $95.00. Wal-mart had them for $22 but they are out of stock online. We want to buy another set for the front windows.

They make having the windows down convenient without stressing over bugs and rain. The air flows through these so well. We are able to adjust the window level as well as the window tent to create the perfect air flow level.

SUV Tent cover on our rear windows where we sleep.

We are very pleased with how they work. The privacy and darkening of our SUV are added benefits. We had made window coverings from a roll of double bubble foil insulation. We didn’t do a perfect job at cutting them, but they work for us. We spray painted one side black. Depending upon whether we are trying to reflect or absorb the sunlight, we flip them in the windows. With these new SUV Tent window covers we are able to forgo them for those windows. We will keep our homemade coverings for our back SUV windows.

Homemade foil window coverings.

The other great investment was a trifold, memory foam mattress. We have it folded up in the back of our SUV all the time. When it’s time to camp, we drop the back seats and unfold it. It makes camping so comfortable. We sleep great on it, way better than babies (babies wake up crying, not us).

Don’t skimp on the mattress!

We also invested in a MaxxHaul cargo rack and a cargo bag for roof top storage. It keeps all our gear stored easily. We also lucked out finding a really nice rear hitch cargo rack at Rural King for $40.00. We store our cooler and water containers on this rear rack.

What SUV camping gear have you found that makes life easier? Comment below and let us know. We also encourage you sharing great camping spots for SUV camping.


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