Some of the best things in life are undiscovered.

We have been exploring some new places in Florida. We have discovered springs, river access, and miles of back roads through natural areas. The cool part is, it’s free for all to enjoy.

North Florida is rich in public lands that have open roads, trails, and access for hunting and fishing. While driving around after a recent hike along the Florida Trail near the Holton Creek River Camp in Jasper, we discovered the Suwannee Ridge Wildlife Environmental Area. Discovering new places always peaks our interests. We made it back to hike it the next week.

Suwannee Ridge WEA


T.S. Eliot

Our random drives to no where are definitely rewarding. They are also relaxing. No wonder why, back in the day, families would take Sunday drives. The joy of seeing the countryside is refreshing.

Drive Random Places.

Remember that getting away, even for a few hours, can make a big difference on your mindset. Get outside and clear that mind. Fill it with scenery and sounds that bring peace to your day.

Where did your last random drive find you?

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