The Gulf Coast is full of adventures for everyone’s taste. Our taste might be classified as unique, especially since for three hours we didn’t see another living being. Just us. In the wild enjoying nature and soaking up some quality time together.

Wetting a Line

It’s always fun to get away and relax. Finding green space right off Hwy 98 was easy. The dirt roads were well maintained and led us right up to a few sweet spots. Small freshwater lakes and ponds that appear untouched. We will definitely be back with our canoe.

We also got out and walked down some roads that are closed to vehicular traffic. It was hot, but we enjoyed stretching our legs and looking for an Easter egg.

Closed road we hiked down

No trip to the Gulf Coast is complete without stopping for some seafood. We love Franklin County for its small town vibe. We grabbed some shrimp and grits at the Family Coastal Restaurant in Eastpoint. Definitely hit the spot!

After that we headed to the local public beach in Carabelle and walked off some of that dinner. There is nothing as relaxing as the sound of surf gently crashing against the shoreline.

Check our Flatwooders Facebook page for a video that puts you there!

Day trips to relax and have fun are just as valuable to your energy banks as a week long vacation, so don’t pass up the opportunities.

Day trips make memories too! Share some of yours in the comments below.

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