Escaping the Flatwoods It was day 3 with Annie as our guide in the amazing Shawnee National Forest. She had already showed us around to so many sites in the area over the previous two days. We was curious what she had up her sleeve for today.  We again had to be up and gone … Continue reading ROCKING IT WITH ANNIE’S ADVENTURES


ESCAPING THE FLATWOODS It had rained the day before and predicted scattered showers for this day. We had a friend who was local to the area guiding us around. She had an itenerary planned. She met us at our campsite and from right there the adventure began.     The first two waterfalls were at … Continue reading CHASING WATERFALLS

3 Reasons We Hunt

Another hunting season is upon us.  We are grateful.  We love connecting with nature and just enjoying the great outdoors.  There is something special about hunting in it.  When we sit down and truly ask ourselves why we is simple. THE TRADITION Let's face it, there are not many traditions left in this world … Continue reading 3 Reasons We Hunt


As a continuation of the the epic road trip vacation, I stayed in Calvert City, Kentucky and was joined by my favorite outdoor enthusiasts - my husband and our dog. We tent camped at Kentucky Dam State Park, since Land Between the Lakes National Forest had no available reservations.  It was a quiet campground during the … Continue reading MANTLE ROCK PRESERVE