HE SAID A LOT, BUT WE CAN'T REPEAT IT ALL! Most people imagine Florida as a beach paradise with palm trees, waves crashing, surf boards and perfectly tanned bodies.   That may be so along certain areas of the coast, but the majority of the inland areas, especially north Florida is rich in farm land, public forests and … Continue reading 4 THINGS TO LEARN FROM A COWBOY


What is the FNST?  The Florida National Scenic Trail is a 1,300 mile, non-motorized trail that starts in the panhandle of Florida at the Gulf Islands National Seashore and stretches across and down the state to the Big Cypress National Park. Thru hikers have quite the adventure ahead of them along this trail.  Florida has some very … Continue reading 5 REASONS WE SECTION HIKE THE FNST

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Mom

MOTHER'S DAY IDEAS If you have a Mom that loves the outdoors, but not sure what to get her than you are in luck!  Great advise from RegisterCouple. In case my kids are reading this, one of you already bought me a hammock. Much love to all Mothers!  Ours, our grandsons Mom and to all … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Mom


SLITHERING HAZARDS EXIST! Hiking and other outdoor fun does increase the odds of encountering a snake.  With all our miles underfoot, our most memorable snake encounters occurred while backpacking Torreya State Park. Thankfully, the park ranger had warned us and provided good advice on what to do. He also provided us his cell phone number. … Continue reading SNAKE TIPS


THAT 3RD DAY CAN'T BE PRETTY! As residents of Florida, three hours without water can be detrimental during summer months, especially if you have been exerting yourself like you do when you are hiking. Our day hikes involve plenty of water.  We each have a two liter hydration bladder in our pack and usually an extra bottle … Continue reading 3 DAYS WITHOUT WATER

I almost got divorced on Mt. Makiling.

Getting out there together is what enjoying life’s simple things is all about. Couples can give each other the gift of having amazing adventures that create memories that don’t lose value over time like most gifts.
The adventures can be frustrating, trying and tough. These adventures also bring couples closer.
Enjoy this story and remember to get each other out there and have fun!

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My husband and I spent some time in the Philippines back in January. Away from the erratic East Coast weather, away from the busy hum of our daily work lives, and away from our beloved dogs (wahhhh!!!!). Now if you’re thinking “Ooooh, Philippines! How exotic!” stop your train of thought by putting a brick wall smack in the middle of them tracks. You’re not going to find reviews of amazing beaches here. You’re not going to read about how we swam with whale sharks (due to storms in the area, it wasn’t recommended, just our luck during the dry season). Also, forget about discovering Tarsier monkeys and their mesmerizing eyes.

philippines Hey there, handsome!

This vacation was part family reunion, part memorial, and part business. Our five separate families descended upon the family property located in Los Banos, Laguna and our lazy days were comprised of laughter, catching up, lots of…

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