Wild. Scenic. Rugged. Maine is one of the Northern states known for its wilderness. Conservation of land through not just forests and parks, but land trusts are helping keep lands wild and undeveloped. Riding the back roads near Burnt Nubble on Shirley Tote Road Outdoor adventures are abundant in Maine. Hunting grouse, deer, and moose … Continue reading THE NORTH WOODS

A Nautical Road Trip

The Gulf Coast is full of adventures for everyone’s taste. Our taste might be classified as unique, especially since for three hours we didn’t see another living being. Just us. In the wild enjoying nature and soaking up some quality time together. Wetting a Line It’s always fun to get away and relax. Finding green … Continue reading A Nautical Road Trip


Escaping the Flatwoods It was day 3 with Annie as our guide in the amazing Shawnee National Forest. She had already showed us around to so many sites in the area over the previous two days. We was curious what she had up her sleeve for today.  We again had to be up and gone … Continue reading ROCKING IT WITH ANNIE’S ADVENTURES