365 Mile Challenge

We always love a good challenge. Lollygaggers are even upping the anti of the challenge. Can we keep up with our west coast comrads? Let’s find out. Join along with the fun…it is not only national…it’s an international challenge.

The Lollygaggers

I’m always up for a challenge.  I enjoy setting goals for myself, seeing them through and then bask in the glory of accomplishment. Who doesn’t, right? Validation is a wonderful drug.  My goals are usually something short and simple, therefore, leaving less room for boredom which leads to failure. Until now…..


I just signed up for the 365 Mile Challenge set up by Rebecca Walsh, founder of Hike Like A Woman, and a few of her friends.  The object of the challenge is to complete 365 self-propelled miles in 2017.  It’s a great challenge that comes with an online community loaded with fun, exciting and enthusiastic members who encourage each other throughout the challenge.  What more can you ask for? Oh, and did I mention, you are eligible to win cool prizes? There are no first place winners.  There are no second place losers. You complete 365 miles, you…

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3 Keys for Smart Goal Setting

We love goals and they are a big part of our lives and our relationship.  This article by theevolutionarymind is a good base for getting started with goals. Goal setting is a often overlooked skill that is a necessity for life. But smart goal setting, how can we possibly do that? Find out More: Source: … Continue reading 3 Keys for Smart Goal Setting


Swamp Walker:  state rifle champion, equestrian, cave exploration team leader and Trailwarrior.   BOLD   TAKE ACTION   CRUSH GOALS I started corresponding with Swamp Walker a few years ago.  She is a participant in the Florida Forest Service Trailwalker program.  The program rewards participants who hike 10 trails in 5 different state forests at … Continue reading WOMEN WHO INSPIRE