ESCAPING THE FLATWOODS It had rained the day before and predicted scattered showers for this day. We had a friend who was local to the area guiding us around. She had an itenerary planned. She met us at our campsite and from right there the adventure began.     The first two waterfalls were at … Continue reading CHASING WATERFALLS


As a continuation of the the epic road trip vacation, I stayed in Calvert City, Kentucky and was joined by my favorite outdoor enthusiasts - my husband and our dog. We tent camped at Kentucky Dam State Park, since Land Between the Lakes National Forest had no available reservations.  It was a quiet campground during the … Continue reading MANTLE ROCK PRESERVE


What is the FNST?  The Florida National Scenic Trail is a 1,300 mile, non-motorized trail that starts in the panhandle of Florida at the Gulf Islands National Seashore and stretches across and down the state to the Big Cypress National Park. Thru hikers have quite the adventure ahead of them along this trail.  Florida has some very … Continue reading 5 REASONS WE SECTION HIKE THE FNST

Has Hiking Ruined You? Are You A Dirtbag Hiker, Also?

The Lollygaggers

Modesty, manners and appearance. Those words resonate politeness, discretion, and dressing appropriately for any occasion. Every day I strive to practice these characteristics that I want to be remembered by. But recently, I have come to the conclusion that this is not always possible.  Why? Because I fear hiking has ruined me.  It’s ruined my manners, my politeness and certainly the way I dress. It’s turned me into what we hikers affectionately call ourselves ~ dirtbag hiker or hiker trash.

Whenever I am on a long day-hike or a backpacking trip for a week, it’s like flipping a switch in my personal habits.  My manners, modesty and appearance pretty much go out the window. My trips usually entail a survival mode so I’m not really too concerned about fashion or being classy.  I can dress up pretty good when I want to.  But when I’m hiking, there’s a certain type…

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QUICK TRIP FOR SOME QUICK MILES #365MILECHALLENGE We decided to take a quick road trip over to Ichetucknee Springs State Park and get as much of the trails in as we could.  The parks are for the most part, the only areas with trails and no hunting during this time of the year.  As hunters … Continue reading ICHETUCKNEE SPRINGS STATE PARK