Comparison and Imitation dulls the Mind…

Reblogging this inspirational read on not comparing yourself to others.

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Comparing yourself to others is a two-fold process that usually involves measurement and techniques (involving duality) that are superfluous (and that may very well dull the mind).  If many are immersed in dull habits, superficial behaviors, and limited perspectives, comparing yourself with them and then emulating them may, indeed, tend to make the mind act (i.e., react) similarly.  Indifference, seen as normal and ordinary, easily breeds more indifference.  A unique person, beyond all the lemmings, perceives beyond mere comparison and imitation; such a person is more inherently free (than those who merely absorb, internalize, swallow, and imitate the behaviors of others).  Those who lazily internalize all of society’s values and traditions are not free (though they may, as a reaction, insist that they are); they are secondhand shadows of antiquated authority, old habits, and primitive patterns of the past.  It’s easy to be secondhand.  Then you don’t have to think…

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Perspective ~ discovery, self-determination & comfort

This is one of those reads that makes you realize that you need to create your own experience from a place…others perspectives may vary depending upon their situation, not yours.  Check out what a this blogger tells us about perspective.

Exploring Our Wilderness

This is a new series reflecting on the hiking inspiration from other with added perspective. It comes from a collection from various places I’ve been and people I’ve “met”.

“I actually fell so in love with Clouds Rest that I banned myself from researching it any further, so that I could have my own most pure and real experience of it.” [post] ~ Thuc Do, Creative & Adventuress

DISCOVERY: It’s a compelling idea of becoming so enamored of something that you want a clear frame of mind to develop your own perception. Sometimes we take another’s enthusiasm of a place (in their timeframe/season and with different hopes and dreams) and it build up our expectations to where our experience doesn’t stand a chance to wow us because we’ve already been recalibrated to unreasonably high hopes.

“I’m going to hike when I want, stop when I’m tired, nap when…

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The Flower or the Color?

With Fall colors catching everyone's eye, it made me ponder... Is it the flower we see and appreciate or is it the color? Let's dig deep for our real personal perspective here.  Is it the lovely jewel-toned color that we adore or is the stem, leaves and divine bloom that attracts us? Think for a … Continue reading The Flower or the Color?


NATURE'S SIMPLE THINGS OFTEN GO UNNOTICED How observant are you when you venture outside?  Do you notice the simple things?  We didn't always notice or appreciate them.  There are still times when we are hiking that we are trying to get to a certain point at a certain time and we hike straight ahead and hardly … Continue reading SIMPLE THINGS