MYSTICAL, MAGICAL MASTERPIECES There is something captivating about waterfalls.  They are magical to sit and watch.  The sound of a waterfall is so refreshing for the senses and the soul.  The larger that they are, the more intense the effect they have. Each waterfall is unique compared to the last one.  Over the past few years these … Continue reading WATERFALLS


KIDS ACTING DISENGAGED WITH YOUR OUTDOOR ADVENTURES? Have you planned a fun outdoor adventure?  Are you trying to have fun, but it seems like your kids don’t even want to be there?  One of the things you don’t find out at the time, is that they are actually enjoying it. As parents, we worry a … Continue reading ADVICE FOR PARENTS


FIND STRESS RELIEF IN NATURE We find the best way to wash away stress and worries is by venturing out into nature and simply enjoying the scenery.  There are some amazing features out there that will make you appreciate the artistry of Mother Nature. Allow us to take you along a relaxing paddle down the Suwannee River. … Continue reading STRESS RELIEF