QUICK TRIP FOR SOME QUICK MILES #365MILECHALLENGE We decided to take a quick road trip over to Ichetucknee Springs State Park and get as much of the trails in as we could.  The parks are for the most part, the only areas with trails and no hunting during this time of the year.  As hunters … Continue reading ICHETUCKNEE SPRINGS STATE PARK


Backpacking and hiking are the same...right?  Wrong! We shared our 5 reasons why we enjoy hiking, but they are not the same reasons why we like to backpack.  Backpacking takes us on extended hikes over multiple days with camping also included.  WIN WIN! Why would anyone want to fill a backpack with just enough gear … Continue reading 5 REASONS WHY WE BACKPACK

3 Keys for Smart Goal Setting

We love goals and they are a big part of our lives and our relationship.  This article by theevolutionarymind is a good base for getting started with goals. Goal setting is a often overlooked skill that is a necessity for life. But smart goal setting, how can we possibly do that? Find out More: Source: … Continue reading 3 Keys for Smart Goal Setting