Backpacking and hiking are the same...right?  Wrong! We shared our 5 reasons why we enjoy hiking, but they are not the same reasons why we like to backpack.  Backpacking takes us on extended hikes over multiple days with camping also included.  WIN WIN! Why would anyone want to fill a backpack with just enough gear … Continue reading 5 REASONS WHY WE BACKPACK

The Flower or the Color?

With Fall colors catching everyone's eye, it made me ponder... Is it the flower we see and appreciate or is it the color? Let's dig deep for our real personal perspective here.  Is it the lovely jewel-toned color that we adore or is the stem, leaves and divine bloom that attracts us? Think for a … Continue reading The Flower or the Color?


NATURE'S SIMPLE THINGS OFTEN GO UNNOTICED How observant are you when you venture outside?  Do you notice the simple things?  We didn't always notice or appreciate them.  There are still times when we are hiking that we are trying to get to a certain point at a certain time and we hike straight ahead and hardly … Continue reading SIMPLE THINGS