Too hot…too cold…take shelter!

Every time we take an adventure in the wilderness, we take a risk of getting lost or hurt. Either situation could leave us needing to stay put and prepare some form of shelter in order to survive.

Changes, cold or hot, to our body temperature  can have multiple side affects if we do not control them. 

In cold temperatures it is important to do all we can to insulate our body and hold our body heat within. A few quick and important ways to shelter your body against cold are:

  • A coat, jacket or rain poncho
  • A hat, bandana or hood
  • An emergency blanket, sleeping bag, or garbage bag
  • A tent, tarp, lean-to, wickiup or snow cave
  • A fire

We take a few items in our packs to help us create shelter if needed. These simple items are some type of tinder, matches, lighter, knife, magnesium block, flint, small foldable saw, emergency blanket, bandana, rain jacket or poncho.  We usually  have a hat on our heads.  None of these items are very large or heavy.

Their benefit, if needed, make the effort of toting them worth it. 


Hot summer days will require shade. Evenings in warm areas could still get chilly. Being prepared for the variance is important.

Hot weather can easily wear us down, quicker if we have no water, shade or way too cool ourselves. If a water source is available, it is important to dampen clothes or a bandana  to cool your body. Drink fresh water (not salt water) to stay hydrated (we will cover more about water in the next post in this series).  Heat exhaustion can quickly cause mental confusion and lethargy.

How prepared we are, will add to our survival probability. 

This is the third post in a series.  If you missed the first two, Survival or 3 Minutes without Air, you can still check them out.  The next post in this series will be 3 Days without Water.



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