The Special Places We Seek Out

There are times that we are trying to get from point A to point B as fast as we can without interruption. Other times, we like to take our time and give ourselves a break in our road trip to rest and walk around. Driving for long hours takes a toll on your bodies, especially as we age.

We enjoy picking a point, usually halfway and zooming in on the map to find some green spots. Those green spots become our research. They are usually state parks or forests. We research if they offer camping and hiking opportunities and what other fun activities they have. We are always looking for places to return to with our travel trailer and spend a week as well. knowing it is worth the trip ahead of time pays off.

Medoc Mountain State Park, North Carolina

Southern Indiana is a reoccurring trip for us so each year or so we try to find a new green place to visit. Cloudland Canyon State Park was our selection one time. It is beautiful with nice waterfalls and camping options in Rising Fawn which is located in Northwest Georgia.

Cloudland Canyon State Park

The next time though, we selected Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, Alabama. We had already visited the Cheaha State Park in nearby Delta, Alabama. Alabama State Parks are just very relaxing and laid back. We enjoy them.

Our campsite at Monte Sano State Park

Our arrival was greeted with misty rain and overcast skies. We could have gave in to the dampened plans and just left out the next morning without hiking or adventuring the area any, but that is just not our style.

We carry rain ponchos in our day packs for a reason, right?

We hiked a few segments of the different trails to reach Panther Knob and return to our campsite. It was 6 miles of laughing cautiously placing our steps when it was raining. We enjoyed the scenery and the trails were fun. We enjoyed stretching our legs along our road trip once again.

Do you find ways to stop along road trips and stretch your legs?

Tell us in the comments how you prefer a mental or physical break along a road trip.

If you never considered it before, we hope you consider looking for green space on the map.

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