We arrived on a soggy rainy day in southern Illinois on our RV trip. This was only our second trip in our new RV, really our second trip ever in an RV. We arrived really late and decided not to set up the trailer the first night. After getting into the trailer we realized we didn’t know how to set up the furnace on the RV, there has never been a need in Florida. Lows dropped down into the 30s that night and needless to say we had a very chilly evening. Thank goodness for blankets. We awoke early the next morning and despite being chilled, it was still better than sleeping in a tent.


Google quickly became our best friend. It seems we have misplaced the quick setup documents that came with the trailer, thanks sweetie.  Fortunately, there was a lot of people on YouTube with the foresight to put videos on that explain how to turn everything on. After going through that, we are like old pros. I sat down and wrote my own quick guide to setup for future trips.


We also wrote a list of what we forgot, even though we felt like we overpacked. Inevitably, we always forget something. It was the broom and dustpan this time. It won’t be next time.  Just like YouTube, Pinterest was full of information for packing lists and storage ideas. It helps though to print it off and check off the list…old school style as you pack.


One critical decision we made beforehand was to have a site reserved for us when we arrived. The Illinois State Parks in the area we was looking to stay has reservations, but no water on the sites. We could fill our tank at the park, then setup. Our site had electric though. The alternative was to camp at the Shawnee National Forest, where we would have electric and water, but no reservation. We are not that big of risk takers when we have to travel that far.  A nine day vacation with no guaranteed site was not happening. We opted to refill the water tank instead. Besides, we consider it a semi practice for our boondock camping trip in the future.


We got to tear down and setup a couple times during the trip. We are not NASCAR fast, but we are still married. We have seen other couples come in and setup that really need our pillow.


We are just thankful for this trip and the ones to come!


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