Do you find signs along a nature trail, to be as intended, informational and educational or do you find them distracting?  Do too many signs take away from the natural setting?

How many signs are enough?  How many are just too much?


I recently hiked a nature trail at a park that made me question this.  Simple tree species identification markers were acceptable.  They were scattered along the trail, not too overwhelming.  But there are so many other signs in addition to those that I felt like they were a distraction from the actual natural setting.  It wasn’t just the educational signs, it was also the directional signage.  There are signs for visitor parking, do not enter, camp host, concessionaire, beach signs, fee signs and numerous others.

I tried to focus on the beauty of the area and let it go.  It was difficult though.  It reminded me of a 1.8 mile trail that I was on another time and it had around 15 benches on it.  I felt like every time I turned a corner on the trail, there was another bench.  I have hiked trails 8-10 miles long and wished for a bench.  But 15 benches on a 1.8 mile trail was too much.  I was counting benches in frustration rather than enjoying the trail and it’s views that it offered.

Have you experienced this?  How did it impact your outdoor experience?


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