Florida is full of surprises!

We recently heard about the Dead River. We are not fans of the name, but reading about it helps us understand the name of it. Seeing it though – WOW!

We could have sat here all day!

When there is not much rainfall for an extended period of time, the river levels decline. Today, the river was low and the lime rock formations where the water has etched away at it, it is remarkable. We sit and soak it all in. All of our senses are awakened.

We could hear the river when we parked our vehicle at the parking area. As we approached the roar of the water intensified. Sitting beside it and just listening to it though is mesmerizing. This is truly worthy of a white noise recording and making it an endless loop.

We plan to visit again during different times of the year to see the water level variances. We have a feeling that we are seeing it at the best time, right here and now. Time will tell. We will keep you updated.

If you decide to visit, this location is remote and close to the Florida-Georgia state line. There is not much else close by to do unless you love nature, rivers, and country roads. Twin Rivers State Forest, Twin Rivers State Park, and the Suwannee River Paddling Trail are fun close by adventures for nature lovers.

Some quick pros and cons to help you out:

PROS – drive up destination, new information display, canoe launch on the same tract of land, only seen 3 other vehicles within an hour on the property and no people interactions.

CONS – no real trails or much else to do, roads were drivable by car but seasonally may not be, during low water level times people walk down to get a closer look and there are steep natural areas that you can easily loose your footing if you are not careful, river trash is sadly an eye sore in such a naturally beautiful area.

To learn more about this location and the rules of this area, visit here.

Be sure to comment and let us know if you located any unexpected finds that are worth sharing! We love road trips to sites like this.

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